If you are a professional working in the fields of Data, Development or Cloud technologies, and looking to consider career choices, we would love to help you. Please contact us to arrange a time at your convenience to discuss your situation.

If you are responsible for the hiring of these types of professionals and would like to discuss flexible recruitment solutions from a technology recruitment company who is focused on your success please get in touch to see where we can help.

Permanent Recruitment

There are levels of complexities in recruiting and hiring full-time employees who qualify and fit your corporate culture. Our recruitment team takes time to thoroughly understand your technology landscape and the skills needed with future hiring to help drive your success.

We can help with strategic hiring as well as unexpected openings, and we work hard at understanding your company philosophy and getting to know your culture and working practices to ensure we create long-lasting matches between our candidates and their employers.

Our experienced team of software-enabled recruiters are experts in finding the IT skills you need, so you can be sure they understand your requirements to find and secure the right person for your team.

–  We find and engage the best talent: With a database of thousands of IT professionals and an extensive network, we connect with highly-proficient individuals every day, ensuring you have the best candidates available.

–  We match the right skills and personalities: We use a combination of the latest sourcing and screening technology with face-to-face interviewing so you can be confident you’re meeting only qualified, quality candidates.


Contract and Temporary Staffing

You may need to supplement a project, help your team through change, gain more flexibility, or add a particular area of expertise for a short period of time. Regardless of the goal, when employers need to hire a contractor or temporary resource, they need to do so quickly. Along with our track record of recruiting the best people fast, we manage the contract process in a way that reduces risk and ensures both clients and contractors can focus on the tasks that matter most.



We offer project-based, permanent and contingent recruitment outsourcing solutions to support shorter-term hiring demands due to external market forces, internal business changes or seasonality. Working as an extension of a company’s talent acquisition team, Gallagher Scott’s Project RPO provides vital, timely support to overextended internal recruiting resources.

Recruitment costs are frequently misunderstood and can quickly spiral out of control as a result, with potentially devastating consequences. Through our Project RPO, we offer a free consultation to understand your plans, so we can advise on how we would implement a recruitment strategy which to achieve your goals whilst providing a cost effective solution.

With constant developments in labour laws and employment regulations, SME’s are increasingly outsourcing various HR functions. An agile HR and recruitment partner can help manage the demands of reducing operational costs, enhancing productivity and increase profitability – a crucial element of your business and one which we can help you with as part of your package.

We drum up small project teams to suit your needs, as and when required on your journey, and enhance these teams with project professionals if you have specialised requirements. With our software, we can operate this vital service on your behalf in multiple cities, regions or countries, to bring a consistent professional presence to each of your hiring locations.


Management Consultants

Gallagher Scott’s Management Consulting division recruits high-calibre professionals from all management disciplines relating to technology-focused change, and we have worked in a variety of industries helping to deliver strategic initiatives through our providing of contract professionals.

We specialise in providing experienced Management Consultants without the big firm pricing with a team who are able to understand your landscape quickly, identify areas that need attention and deliver the required outcome. Our Management Consultants come from backgrounds of reputable advisory consulting firms, with large enterprise experience and many years’ experience offering guidance based on their expertise. We can provide individuals as well as small teams to support your project.

Below are just some of the ways in which our Management Consultancy Division can help:

  • Interim Executives
  • Change Management
  • Technology Strategy
  • Scaled Agile
  • Organisational Design
  • Communications
  • Training & Learning Design
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Operations Excellence (Lean)
  • Program Management
  • Governance & Technology Risk

To receive an up-to-date list of who is available, please get in touch.